Out and about
Being in a big family, most of the time we do things together and that’s a good thing. But it makes me crave my “me time” even more. It’s what made me to become adventurous. It made me want to go places and explore solo. Not because I want to be alone, but because I want to learn to come out of my comfort zone, on my own. It may not happen overnight, and Lord knows I still have a long way to go, but it’s a start. Slowly but surely, as they say.

Oh, the places she’ll go
I’ve had several of my hard drives crash on me before, and unfortunately didn’t have back-up (I dunno why I never learn), so I decided to create this blog to document my recent and past travels. Hopefully this blog will inspire you to go out there and explore.

As a graphic designer, I spend most of my time in front of the computer.┬áNow that I think about it, I consider almost every little thing an adventure: driving solo, going to Walmart in the wee hours, riding the bus alone for 7 hours en route to another city, eating chicken at McDonald’s at 3am, meeting up with friends. I’ll go just about anywhere and do just about anything to fulfill my thirst for adventure.

The real deal
So my name is Sheryl Tan. A graphic and frustrated web designer. I’m 1/2 of C&S Designs, a stationery design company run by my sister and I. This has been our business since I was in high school (10 years ago!) and I’m thankful everyday for it. Last 2016, we (plus another sister) started a new business, sticker designing this time. It’s called Stickies by C&S. Designing is in my blood. I’m the type of person who would buy a product because of its packaging, within reason of course.

I am a spontaneous and adventurous person. I’m constantly on the lookout for places to go to, it’s all I do in my free time, and it’s what I’ll keep doing.