Santa Barbara

SoCal → NorCal
Long roadtrip breather pt.1

California, to me, has been just the north and south for the longest time, just San Francisco and Los Angeles. I have never really had the chance to explore the in-between. We used to move houses a lot (actually we still do) back and forth from the Bay Area to SoCal, that’s why.

On one of our trips from San Diego going back to the Bay Area (after searching for houses), we decided to do several stopovers in between. First on our stop was the central California coast in a city called Santa Barbara.

We headed straight for the beach, although I don’t recall the name of it. We just stayed here for a while before heading to Stearns Wharf, where we spent a few hours unwinding and admiring.

I was honestly amazed by how different this city looked than our usual sight. It had a different vibe to it– it was raw and content and calm. And promising. Definitely a change in ambiance.

After Stearns Wharf, we headed out of Santa Barbara and continued our journey further up to Santa Ynez Valley. That’s saved for another post so stay tuned!

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