7 hours of hiking

📍 Mt. Ulap –  Benguet, Philippines

I’m not keen on hiking, mostly because sometimes my heart can’t take it– which is also the reason why I don’t go to the gym much. But the minute I start to think of it as an adventure, I didn’t hesitate even for a second. I knew I wouldn’t get this opportunity again so I jumped on the chance, even when it’s with people I don’t know.

I was invited by a friend and we went with his friends plus a guide (required). We took an overnight trip so we’d arrive early in the morning. It was about an 8-hour drive if I remember correctly.

The hike hasn’t even started yet and my nose just bled nonstop lol

It was my first time to really hike. As in hike on soil. Mt. Ulap exceeded my expectations in so many ways. I didn’t expect to hike for about 7 hours back and forth, I didn’t expect to get sooo sunburned, and I most definitely didn’t expect the views and and how rewarding the experience was. To some, the trail difficulty may be low, and it may even be dubbed a beginner trail, but it was one of my greatest achievements.

Mt. Ulap, or Cloud Mountain, has 3 peaks, with the third peak at 1,846 meters above sea level. So imagine how the view looked like from above– majestic doesn’t even cut it. Maybe awe-inspiring and breathtaking.

Descending was really the difficult part. In some areas the trails were really steep, so one slip of the foot and down rolling you’ll go. Thankfully nothing like that happened.

Even though overall it took us longer than expected, I’m still happy I made the right choice in challenging myself.


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